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Msa 1500 firmware updating guide

Proper planning ensures a successful installation of the MSA1500 cs.Multiple versions of MSA controller firmware are available.If a path failure is detected, traffic fails over to an alternative path.

HP Systems Insight Manager System management information HP Systems Insight Manager (HP-SIM) is a client/server application used to remotely manage HP hardware in a network environment.

(Net Ware environments run the ACU directly from the MSA Support Software CD.) The Array Configuration Utility-Command Line Interface (ACU-CLI) is a command line interface used to configure an array controller and its storage.

The ACU-CLI is primarily used in HP-UX environments.

This document explains the various steps involved in installing and configuring the MSA1500 cs.

NOTE: Figure 1: Overview of MSA installation procedures 1 - Review the steps 2 - Prepare the site 3 - Install MSA1500 cs option kits 4 - Rack the MSA1500 cs 5 - Install the hard drives 6 - Prepare the servers 7 - Install the HBAs 8 - Prepare the switches 9 - Connect the cables 10 - Power on the components 11 - Configure the MSA1500 cs NOTE: When installing items in the rack, follow industry-standard recommendations, including: Before installing the MSA1500 cs, HP recommends thoroughly researching, studying, and establishing an installation and configuration plan for the environment.


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