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But that was enough time for her to almost give up hope of ever getting the level of the sexual satisfaction she deserves in her marriage. “Before I was married, I was sexually active for at least five years.When adebola shared her story with one of our correspondents, it was not in the coy, carefree banter in which issues of sex are often discussed among friends. That does not mean I was hopping from bed to bed, though.Judging by the volume of sales that many of the sex toy vendors our correspondents spoke with make annually, there is no doubt that the industry runs into several millions.Crave for sexual fulfilment driving a multi-million naira market “Why can’t you tell your husband you are not satisfied?But many people are not as adventurous as edible household food items still bear the brunt of their husband’s laxity.One married woman told how she was surprised that her friend was still using cucumber and carrot to pleasure herself despite the fact that she could simply order a suitable sex toy online in Nigeria now.

At 32, Jane Adebola (not real name) has been married for three years.But for women like Adebola, the solution only lies in being “bold and experimental” in seeking sexual satisfaction.Adebola said after suffering for so long and pretending that she was having a swell time anytime she had a sexual contact with her husband, she summoned the courage to tell him one day.She said the common vibrators are between N5,000 and N20,000.In Ibidapo-Obe’s store at Magodo, in Lagos, the cheapest sex toy in her store sells for about N30,000 while the most expensive is about N200,000.“He was shocked when I told him that he had never made me climax before.He believed that since I never complained, all was well. I told him of my intention to buy a sex toy and he was very supportive,” she said.Unfortunately, most of the women cannot voice out their concern to their partners.” It was learnt that some of these adult products, sell for between N5,000 and N25,000 while premium brands sell for higher.Fawole also said some of her vibrators are as cheap as N5,000 while some are as high as N150,000.It is about the same for actress-turned sex toy vendor, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe, who told one of our correspondents, “I cannot estimate how much of sex toys I sell in a year but I know that in about three to six months, I rake in more than N3m.” Yet, these two are just a small fraction of the numerous sex toy vendors who now trade in the country.Every now and then, a new vendor like Japhet Okoromadu enters the market and soon realises how supply of sex toys pales in comparison to the deluge of demands by Nigerians.


  1. Dec 5, 2017. Tens of thousands of Nigerian women have been trafficked into Europe for sexual exploitation. And many of those women come from one place Benin City.

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  3. Jan 14, 2017. Some ladies even chat with men, complaining bitterly how they are suffering in silence, and how their husbands cannot satisfy them. Eighty five per cent of complaints about sex that I get from clients is about not being satisfied by spouses. Unfortunately, most of the women cannot voice out their concern to.

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