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Nis maps not updating

A server and its clients constitute an NIS "domain." Data files are preprocessed into database files by the Berkeley DB hashing library to improve the efficiency of lookups.After editing files on the master server, you use make to tell NIS to convert them to their hashed format.Either map can be used to enumerate the entries in the passwd file.However, because hashing libraries do not preserve the order of records, there is no way to reconstruct an exact duplicate of the original file (unless it was sorted).

A server process makes the contents of the files available over the network.Maps are copied from the master server to the slave servers by the ypxfr command.ypxfr is a pull command; it must be run on each slave server to make that server import the map.The unit of sharing in NIS is the record, not the file.A record usually corresponds to one line in a config file.NIS allows you to replicate the network maps on a set of slave servers.Providing more than one server helps relieve the load on the master and helps keep clients working even when some servers become unavailable.Slaves usually execute ypxfr every so often just to verify that they have the most recent maps; you can use cron to control how often this is done.The default implementation of map copying is somewhat inefficient.Note that the servers are given in the form of IP addresses.accepts hostnames, but these hostnames must then be resolvable at boot time (i.e., enumerated in the /etc/hosts file or resolvable through DNS).


  1. Customizing the update interval for NIS maps. Note In most cases, updating the local cache of NIS data does not require you to restart any services.

  2. The updated daemon provides a secure method for updating NIS source files. rather than the information not being in the NIS maps. Managing NIS services for.

  3. Introduction to NIS, the Network Information Service. so a system file may have to be translated into several NIS "maps.". Is the server for updating NIS maps.

  4. I had no trouble updating my Garmin software while using NIS. Unable to Update Garmin Mapsource Since. Mapsource Since Installing NIS 2010.

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