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The website will provide details on the regulation of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in 39 European/ EU countries.The website will be open-access, and available in English.We would greatly appreciate if you would forward any news about new regulation to us.This will enable the website to be as updated as possible.They also found a graveyard containing hundreds of graves, and a well-preserved bronze crucifix.The boat dig is from even earlier, probably dating back to around the 7th-10th century, if a piece of spoon and broken key found in the excavation belong to the burial.

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To do this, we need skilled and committed employees.

NIN is an inclusive and dynamic association with the goal of building a social and professional network, in order to promote interaction between Norwegians and the international community, and to enrich their experience in Norway through Monthly Meetings and other events.

We organise monthly meetings with exciting guest speakers who share useful insight into professional and cultural life in Norway.

The discovery came just in the nick of time, in the final available moments before archaeologists planned to end their excavation so the market square could be filled in and re-paved for use as the city's market and meeting place.

There was no actual boat to be found, the wood having long since rotted away, and it was disturbed by posts being planted in the ground, but the shape of a feature in the soil was too regular to be natural - the shape of a boat about 4 metres (13 feet) in length, oriented in a roughly north-south position. The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage (NIKU) archaeologists found lumps of rust and nails that indicated yes, the feature was indeed a boat.


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