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Gaysir has, since the start, taken aim on offering daily updated news. The users creates profiles and can send messages, pictures and emoticons to other users.

The website has per November 2007, over 6000 articles in their archive. The members can also write blogs and create photo galleries.

It was also referred to several examples from the advertiser's websites, such as somewhat rude titles on some of the films that were offered for sale, and a sex club where one could read messages with very direct descriptions.

On October 18, 2007, Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen replaced Bekkemellem as the minister of Children and Equality Affairs, and Fr P expressed that Ramin-Osmundsen should retract the recommendation if the ads were not removed from the website.

The reason given was that the website had made a safe and inclusive network for gays and lesbians, and contributed to gay identity building.

The website is highly moderated, strict rules on what kind of pictures are allowed as profile pictures and gallery pictures are enforced by constantly monitoring the uploaded pictures.

In November 2007, Gaysir AS had six full-time employees.Prayer and Action Against the Selected Power Elite (2006): The power elite selection in 2006 received a lot of attention.Jan-Aage Torp, a Norwegian pastor in the Pentecostal congregation Oslokirken, said to the Christian newspaper Norge IDAG that he recommended Christians to use the selections (Makttoppen) as a target for prayer to get the people in the selection removed from their professions.Gaysir, at that point, still had advertisers with webshops that showed hard core pornography pictures on film covers that were for sale on DVD and VHS.These film covers were visible with no censorship or login restrictions, and were described by Nordisk nettverk for ekteskapet and in a number of newspapers (Dagen, Magazinet, Norge idag, Vårt Land, Nettavisen) in various detail.The gender division among the users is 30% women and 70% men.Paid plus memberships were introduced to the users of Gaysir Interaktiv in 2002.Although the definition of allowed pictures is often vague and subject to personal opinion of the moderator.The website also deletes the accounts of the users who make agreements for paid sex when reported without warning.On January 12 and 13, 2006 the Gaysir the redaction in Gaysir selected the power elite among openly gays and lesbians in Norway.The winner was the chairman of the city council of Oslo, Erling Lae and the handball player Gro Hammerseng. Makttoppen) was also selected by the website in 2007, also then with Erling Lae topping the selection – this time accompanied by the then newly employed chief editor of Dagbladet, Anne Aasheim.


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