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Okcupid dating persona manchild

Not to mention, they tell me to consider dating The Manchild. Second of all, I clicked on his profile and they basically tell The Manchild to stop dating because he sucks at life. Good thing I got up after getting 4 hours of sleep so I could shower and use some water for the day. And that’s when I realized, why don’t I ever pay attention to the bands playing in Boston??? But at least I’m smart and unfake…and “excellent at redirecting internal negative energy.” Still, priss is not a pretty word to me. Oh, and as far as I could tell, they didn’t shut the water off at all today. After chatting with Jessi tonight, I went directly to the Paradise Rock Club’s website (or the Dise as some apparently refer to it…which has been the cause of some confusion.) to see about getting tickets for the Hotel Cafe Tour (with Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Meiko, Carey Brothers, etc.).And 2) Back in the 70s before it was Great Scott, it was the bar at which my parents met. We had no idea he was actually behind us at the time. Actually, now that I think about it, last night would have been a whole lot cuter if I had met my future husband there too. Probably because men like the one standing behind us are not really my type of men.

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And wait, I think I’ve already dated a few of those so I’m all set, thank you very much. If I went to see every band I’m a fan of at the Paradise alone, I would be busy for quite a while. Gavin De Graw and Landon Pigg are going to be there on Saturday. A Fine Frenzy on the 19th, Drive By Truckers on the 22nd, Jens Lekman on April 4th, Minus the Bear on the 6th, AND rounding off my April picks are Tristan Prettyman on the 9th, Nada Surf on the 10th, and Rogue Wave on the 11th. (OK, I just looked them up and they have a new CD coming out in a couple weeks. In other news, what did everyone think of Quarterlife? I hate that it came from Myspace, but I watched anyway and was admittedly entertained.

If I was, having all this food here would be an awesome show of strength. I don’t usually get all excited about the Oscar’s or any of those award shows because, a) I usually have never have seen any of the movies that are nominated and b) I get bored easily and the shows are sooo long.

This year, the only major Oscar-contending movie I’ve seen is Juno, and while I loved it and thought it was fabulous, I don’t really see it bringing home any Oscars. But hey, I figure my parents meeting is a pretty important event in my own life.

I think we were just triple-checking that we are not anorexic. And then, eventually, I will become an Academy member. It was a bad idea to have the little Oscar-watching party at my apartment.

Because left behind were: lots of chips, lemon squares, brownies, peanut butter cookies, popcorn, hot chocolate, etc.


  1. May 27, 2013. Something that you couldn't possibly know about is going on in her life and she just can't be bothered with meeting new people, dating, or responding to. The bitches on POF/OKCupid deserve to all die in a car wreck and hopefully they will then they can rot in hell where Satan can torture them for not.

  2. Feb 28, 2008. Second of all, I clicked on his profile and they basically tell The Manchild to stop dating because he sucks at life. And wait, I think I've already dated a few of those so I'm all set, thank you very much. Granted, I'm not really taking this test too seriously since it's from OKCupid. Which actually looks like an.

  3. By I'm Not OK, Cupid, February 16, 2018 at pm. Every week I hope I don't get a rose, but something about my magnetic personality keeps getting me through to the next episode. Are you genuinely looking to get. Is it possible to win the show and then just continue dating for a few more years before getting engaged?

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