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The probable animals to see are Bison, Gaur, Wild Elephants, Sambhar and a wide variety of birds. You can check availability also through the website 6) Any person while inside Periyar Tiger Reserve, leaving litters; smoking & consuming alcohol in public; illegally entering forests; speeding vehicles; blowing horns; playing music systems; parking vehicles outside the parking zone; feeding, teasing, disturbing wild animals; keeping pet animals; unauthorised trekking and picnicking; keeping firearms, wildlife traps, poisonous or other substances injurious to wildlife; causing fire in Periyar Tiger Reserve, breaching the lawful directions of the park staff on duty will be fined suitably and/or penalised as per the provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 or as deemed fit.She also discovered Indian Sula wine (found in the Sindhu restaurants on P&O ships).She had no film crew with her in India, but luckily there is footage from her handicam that shows you just how exciting Kerala is and why it should be seen.

Here you book to eat that evening and suggest what you want and they go and buy it in.It has more of the atmosphere of a small market than a British train where people sit and read contained in their own space. House Boat or Rice Boat – There is very likely to be an experience that goes here from your ship, and it is a shame it is only a 6 hour day trip. The house boats are also called Rice Boats and it is an experience I highly recommend. We were on this little barge for 3 days and as we joined it we were asked our food preferences, they then bought fresh food at every stop and cooked it to our own liking by our own chef.Periyar; Tea Plantation and Spice Garden These maybe out of reach of a day cruiser stop, but in Periyar we stayed at a tea plantation and visited a local spice garden and took the sensory tour.Walking the streets of Cochin reveals charm as well as wonderful places like the Cocoacraft Chocolate Factory opposite the Syrian Bank in Market Street.A firm favourite was the Kashi Art Factory Cafe which is a place where you might just have to wait for a table.We took a trip into the local village then got the train back all with little problem once we had managed the work out how to buy a ticket.On the train hawkers come round selling tea and food.we have known the telegram is an instant messaging application. So, the telegram is a new way of and join at least 20000 Members. Lets, we don’t waste your time we share the 190 Telegram Group Links. Options to eat out are many, including the Armoury Cafe at Brunton Boatyard in Fort Cochin.The live Indian dance, the Kathakali Show is one thing I could have omitted and we make a point of never saying something is bad, you may love a traditional mime dance show.


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