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left his father's team when he and his sister Kelly did not get majority interest in the team the late Dale Earnhardt had built to leave to his children.

A script, printed on a white sheet of paper, hangs from a metal arm in front of his face.The media also began a frenzy about her when she said Dale Earnhardt, Jr. A merger with Ginn last year looked to be a good starting point for the already struggling team. drivers have racked up two top fives, five top 10s, and three DNFs.Paul Menard was up in points, ARMY replaced Budweiser when they left at the end of the season, and things definitely looked good for the team going into 2008. Something inside me keeps saying Dale Earnhardt's dream is becoming nothing more than NASCAR's memory.He rolls through a couple dozen ads with hardly a stumble. He finally pronounces "the details" the way he wants and moves on. In NASCAR, perhaps more than any other sport, the team and driver must get them right, obsess over them, constantly double-check them.Then, while promoting a contest, he urges race fans to "check out the detai --" He stops. A driver's performance is never more than the sum of the collective details, and every little bit that's off robs the car of precious speed or precise handling or both. fretted over his performance, convinced that the details in the car under him were off.He didn't look, act or drive like his father, but he had far more wins at 29 (14) than his old man had (one). Over the next few years, he endured an ugly public feud with his stepmother, Teresa Earnhardt, who owned the team he drove for, Dale Earnhardt Inc. He didn't trust that the people who were trying to make his cars faster would do so.When she refused to cede control of the company to him, he signed with Hendrick Motorsports for the 2008 season, and it looked like a perfect fit. He convinced himself it was up to him to make the cars fast, and he was failing miserably at that.He finished so bad for so long he wondered whether his time as a competitive driver was over.NASCAR's favorite son thought the sun had set on his career.He entered the final race with a slim chance to win the championship. But he didn't like going to the racetrack very much.He didn't, but it seemed like only a matter of time before he would have one, if not more -- the man with the most famous name in racing was growing into it. After forcing out his uncle, Tony Eury Sr., as crew chief, a move Earnhardt now considers a major mistake born of his own arrogance and ignorance, he plummeted to 19 in points in 2005. He looked at Hendrick teammates Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, saw them win races and championships with the same equipment he had, and wondered what they were doing right that he wasn't.


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