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Plenty of fish in the pond dating

Guess if you meet the right one during the process........hell.......set and everything comes to a sudden hault. I know who want only the bootie calls and what not...........guess I'm just sick of it.......ready to move onto something more again.

You can only have so much fun....know.........tireing after a while. Or am I just babbling...blah [email protected] serendipitycdn Actually you're not babbling..at least not incoherantly... Doug, What does someone do when you start talking to a "nice" guy and than he starts to make comments about your pic and asking questions about sexually stuff?

What you write makes perfect sense, and that's where I am in my life as well. I think that it is wonderful that you guys are particapating in this forum and giving us fefishies a gentlfishies view point.

The problem is having to get out and find the one who you connect with. Ah, but how to find the one with whom you mutually connect? If someone is just out for the booty call, then be man/woman enough to say so.

I am 42 years old and I think that I have played enough games over the years and it is time for me to settle down.

Not saying that I would get married again, been there done that two too many times.

I don't want just the icing or the filling in the dougnut.

You cant really have any expectations...because you dont know what could happened...is the way I look at it.....

LADIES if you are joining a club or making your own cult..forget about me It would not be the same here have a great one Thank you all for the great feedback.

Thank you guys.....is great to hear.....there are still some fish in this pond...may take our bait Everyone comes on here for different reasons.....each there own......myself...

get to known someone as a friend first.go from there....there has to be some connection when you first meet...


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