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Poems on christian dating

It evokes imagery of Baby Jesus as a joyful soul, full of happiness and glee.

Bring your pipes and bring your drum, Call the shepherds all to come; Hasten quick, no time to lose, Don’t forget your dancing shoes. Turn it around and a staff you will see, Jesus, my Shepherd, is coming for me!

While in our hearts the Christmas flame, Glows with a love like His who came; The infant Christ of lowly birth, To bring good will and peace to earth.

~ This poem would make a wonderful addition to any Christmas Sunday School lesson, with its message of friendship of kindness to all people.

Before the paling of the stars, Before the winter morn, Before the earliest cock crow, Jesus Christ was born: Born in a stable, Cradled in a manger, In the world his hands had made Born a stranger.

Priest and king lay fast asleep In Jerusalem; Young and old lay fast asleep In crowded Bethlehem; Saint and angel, ox and ass, Kept a watch together Before the Christmas daybreak In the winter weather.

~ This next Christmas poem for Sunday School has words that are simple, but that capture the spirit of this special holiday.

Bright Christmas Stars shine on high, Golden stars in the wintery sky; Christmas candles in windows bright, Sends greetings into the night.

To the shepherds in the fields below, “Glad tidings do we bring!

Nestle thus, we pray thee, In our love’s caress; Fain we are to pay thee Worship, and obey thee, Babe, and Prince no less!

~ Children at Sunday School will love this Christmas poem about the birth of Baby Jesus in crowded Bethlehem under the starry night sky.

Frolic we right merrily: He will laugh with happy glee, Yes, and smile, and we will dance, While He claps His tiny hands. ~ This Christian Christmas poem is perfect for Sunday School.

~ Kids will enjoy this Christmas poetry that draws a comparison between the letter “J” in Jesus, and the shape of their favourite Christmas candy! The kids could rehearse this poem to present at a church services or carol concerts.


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