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If you are an avid collector and want to share your enthusiasm, we think you will enjoy visiting the Pyrex Collective blog.Accidents happen and when a piece of your favorite Pyrex breaks, it can be frustrating trying to find a replacement when you discover that your pattern has been discontinued.Pyrex was the first domestic item marketed directly at the housewife.But few people realised just the impact that the introduction of a heat resistant glass would have.

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Just bookmark the page for your pattern, and check back once a week for new listings to add to your collection. Many patterns were never given an official name by Pyrex.Also, it made housewives more confident about getting good results in the kitchen.Pyrex even tried to make a virtue of shortages in World War 2, encouraging housewives to use the glassware for more economical recipes like Commando Casserole.In those cases, a nickname that is popularly used be collectors as well as sellers at online auctions is the name used here and identified by an asterisk (*).No matter where you live you've probably got a little piece of Sunderland in your home.Joblings saw its potential and secured the licence to make and sell it across the Empire. Since the 1920's millions of casseroles, bowls, dinner services and measuring jugs have been churned out at the Joblings factory in Millfield.Its glassware made Pyrex a household name around the world. After the First World War and the disappearance of domestic servants, middle class women were forced into the kitchen.We asked actress Wendy Craig, who is something of a Pyrex fan, to investigate. The company had fallen on hard times, but a new recruit to the family business, Ernest Jobling Purser, had heard about a technique for making glass that wouldn't crack or shatter in an oven.American industrial glassmakers Cornings had stumbled on Pyrex.If you absolutely MUST place a dollar value on your piece of Pyrex, check the book "PYREX The Unauthorized Collector's Guide" by Barbara Mauzy. IF YOUR PICTURE IS ON THESE PAGES, please email me to give you proper credit, or if you don't wish your pictures to contribute to the general knowledge of Pyrex, let me know and I will remove them. Pyrex changed the numbers for the oval casseroles at some point from 943/945/963 to 043/045/063.I have used the numbers interchangeably in these pages, unless I know specifically which one was used on the piece.


  1. Vintage Corning Ware Patterns - 1958-2001. as well as any special lids that may have accompanied the pattern. It should be noted that the Pyrex. General Dating.

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