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,75,6,48, still very jet lagged and I haven't downloaded all my pictures yet, but I gotta say every single person we talked to in Norway was super cool and more than helpful.We did some touristy stuff (Norway in a nutshell, Vikingship museum, etc) but we also had a blast just checking out the bars and talking with the locals all over Norway.",92,9,52, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_16otho, utm_campaign=forbestwittersf&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social, 1336301008.0,84,quickmeme.com,t9k9m, Scumbag Norway,110,26,12, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_t9k9m, 1334354033.0,83,imgur.com,s8m0e, My pic of Bergen after 22nd of July,97,14,2, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_s8m0e, 1332434563.0,82,i.imgur.com,r8k4w, Norwegian first world problem,91,9,15, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_r8k4w, 1334754741.0,85,i.imgur.com,sfxwo, Really bad advertising placement..,104,19,7, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_sfxwo, 1338334740.0,79,a5.fbcdn.net,ub6nv, Free translation of the Oslo subway grid. ,93,14,13, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_ub6nv, 1332838593.0,80,wp.me,rfmpm, Why the fuck did you move to Norway?,95,15,59, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_rfmpm, 1352599570.0,79,imgur.com,12zoui,"Early winter in northern Hedmark County, Norway.artid=10050054, 1311439374.0,116,imgur.com,ixqds, Norwegians on death penalty in the aftermath of Oslo and Utøya massacre.(I'm proud right now),120,4,20, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_ixqds, HP, 1358664771.0,109,cdn.memegenerator.net,16x4c5,"Just moved to Oslo, and...",124,15,39, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_16x4c5, 1356829119.0,106,i.imgur.com,15neqo, My Norwegian landlord knows how to bring joy to my American heart!

,78,6,17, I'll reimburse you cost and shipping and all that jazz.,, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, True,t3_1dq2fr, 1345795560.0,72,nrk.no,yqtdf, Breivik declared sane.Norway,ixud2, Condolences from r/Canada,221,34,50, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, True,t3_ixud2, 1353869778.0,168,imgur.com,13rp9k,"Just had my first Melkesjokolade.Thank you, Norway",182,14,58, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_13rp9k, 1351849834.0,162,imgur.com,12iabs, A beautiful image of the first snowy night in my home town,174,12,15, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_12iabs, 1365843649.0,160,i.imgur.com,1c9fda,"Melting snow, mud and dust...",192,32,19, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_1c9fda, Rdc6ij.jpg, 1374880664.0,149,imgur.com,1j4ny4, Norway vacation pictures...v=t Y7Oi Sqv ERg, 1337261915.0,72,i.imgur.com,trm6b, My girlfriend and I in Bunads. ,81,9,16, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_trm6b, ORD.jpg, 1335873152.0,78,dagbladet.no,t1eib, Alexander Dale Oen just died this morning.RIP,85,7,6, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_t1eib, 1348840118.0,75,imgur.com,10m95d, Nailed the translation!created_utc,score,domain,id,title,ups,downs,num_comments,permalink,selftext,link_flair_text,over_18,thumbnail,subreddit_id,edited,link_flair_css_class,author_flair_css_class,is_self,name,url,distinguished 1365951049.0,291,i.imgur.com,1cbryj, A lesson in Norwegian.,333,42,31, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_1cbryj, STS.jpg, 1370714665.0,226,i.imgur.com,1fxq2a, Norwegian hooligans spotted (xpost from /r/soccer),245,19,12, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_1fxq2a, 1376002095.0,229,i.imgur.com,1jzlj9,"I'm Scottish and I learned Norwegian at uni, then this happened one day",246,17,31, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_1jzlj9, Za.jpg, 1355725741.0,206,i.imgur.com,14zdhb, So I just received a Christmas package from my relatives in Norway...,222,16,40, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_14zdhb, 1351489170.0,208,i.imgur.com,129g3a, Good Guy Tram Driver,224,16,19, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_129g3a, 1358853753.0,196,i.imgur.com,171tji, The world seen as a Norwegian?,243,47,62, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_171tji, Nhb LPK.jpg, 1331322848.0,192,i.imgur.com,qpans,"Fuck it, I'm starting my own awareness campaign...",212,20,15, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_qpans, Pn.jpg, 1311449110.0,187,self.A picture of my great grandparents' old farm.",81,2,12, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_12zoui, 1345632284.0,82,i.imgur.com,ymr3n,"Dating?Great, let's try no match dot com",91,9,3, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_ymr3n, 1331721630.0,79,flickr.com,qw0dn, Just sharing a pic from Blindern,82,3,10, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_qw0dn, 1321087058.0,78,youtube.com,m9nbm,what Australia thinks about Norway,84,6,10, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_m9nbm,Here's another taste of what is to come...,80,12,16, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_12bvlw, Ld.jpg, 1337034709.0,70,dagbladet.no,tn6g7, Norway no longer has a official country-religion,81,11,38, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_tn6g7, 1336515061.0,68,imgur.com,tdn3o, I'm going to ruin my pancreas because of this wonderful drink. ,76,8,10, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_tdn3o, NSgj, 1335437503.0,68,vg.no,stdp9,"40 000 gathers in Norway capital Oslo to sing ""My Rainbow Race"" (Barn av regnbuen) in honour of victims, survivors and heroes of July 22 terror attacks.",85,17,21, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_stdp9,artid=10050105, 1327956579.0,64,i.imgur.com,p3h7z,"Sandviken, Bergen på lørdag",72,8,7, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_p3h7z, VEV.jpg, 1371463314.0,63,jottacloud.com,1gia48, Norwegian backup provider promises NSA-free data storage using Norwegian laws,77,14,11, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_1gia48, 1355269542.0,64,fbcdn.net,14oz9y, Kryssklipp fra /r/Sweden: Norska piloter gillar tydligen inte oss,74,10,4, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_14oz9y, 1340370647.0,62,i.imgur.com,vfmo6, Inside Kvernes stave church (from around 1400).,65,3,7, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_vfmo6, At Q6.jpg, 1343168705.0,63,fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net,x3j4n, Trolling family with shopped pic of daughter Preikestolen in Norway,71,8,8, False,,t5_2qwrb, False,,, False,t3_x3j4n,https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/555873_10151950275715113_1921287440_n.jpg, 1366379353.0,66,self. ,74,8,5, Now let's get back to our daily lives and stop messing about with frivolities like this.


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  2. Rnorway christian dating sites. There are frequent gatherings in restaurants, bars, churches, museums or country Christian Connection discussion boards are.

  3. Find this Pin and more on Rnorway by. Norway — by Christian Lorenz. Rock carvings at Alta, dating back to. Alta, Norway — by Christian Lorenz Rock.

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  5. Plan your holiday in Norway with free guides and videos. Learn about fjords, northern lights, midnight sun, where to stay, walking, fishing and more.

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