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Sagetv guide not updating Free amature cam exchange

But if it is not encrypted, then you should be able to view it.

You can reasonably expect local broadcast channels (like NBC, FOX, PBS, etc.) to be available, but it all depends on how your cable company configures their channels.

Out Of The Box OK, so I received my shiny new HDHome Run, and like every review I’ve read states, it’s sparse packaging. The only thing you may need to purchase is a good splitter to split your cable signal.

I have not used this method, so I cannot speak to it.

One is connected to raw analog cable providing channnels 2-99, and the other to a digital STB providing channels 2-799.

Charter Cable provides several EPG selections for my area, so when I did my original Sage TV setup, I had to choose two separate EPG selections to accommodate the channel overlap.

For these last two cases, this is where HDHome Run comes in.

For Cable, it’s a simple matter of connecting your cable directly to an input on the HDHome Run box and running a configuration application to scan for digital channels.


  1. On my TV, which is also connected to the same DVB-T feed as the WMC tuner cards, the guide shows the Finnish program names. As to your existing problem, if you no longer download the EPG from the internet, as the days pass it will gradually reduce, until there is none of it left, at which point it will be.

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