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This year's Halloween Backdoor on October 30th was subject to a private investigation, wherein two employees of DIG Investigations & Security, armed with hidden cameras, took pictures of what they alleged to be public sex acts, open drug use and the over-pouring of drinks. Bijan Ahmadian, owner of The Odyssey, a gay nightclub in Downtown Vancouver, has admitted to organizing the investigation himself.

(In BC, drink pours must be measured every time, and there are limits on how much can be served at once.) A sign posted at the party (and documented by investigators) says "no photography whatsoever. In a Facebook statement, Ahmadian says he ordered the inquiry because he had "heard repeated grave safety concerns from some of our artists and queer community members about Backdoor, and it didn't seem like law enforcement had enough resources to investigate." VAL has arguably become the face of Vancouver's recently-introduced arts event licenses.

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The new concept was launched in 2013 in an attempt to make it easier for artists to host events in unconventional venues in Vancouver, which has long been dubbed the "no fun city" for its once-strict rules around nightlife.

Troy says he has been—and will continue—working with city officials to make sure events at VAL are in line with regulations.


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