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nutritious foods every day to keep ourselves and our families healthy, the demands of daily life often help us rationalize dietary shortcuts.As one mother told me, “With all the work I have to do, I don’t have time to cook all these complicated recipes.By using voices, stories, and images from the communities where we work to bring project activities together under a shared vision, understanding and buy-in is improved among all project stakeholders.When the vision is shared, relevant new ideas and feedback can converge to strengthen farmers reduce risks from climate change—such as crop diversification—and to encourage household diet diversification.For example, on 19 March 2012 the complaint illustrated below was submitted – you will see the location mapped, the original complaint and the translation and – importantly – the follow up that was made in response.Thinking back on tool 12 of the Good Enough Guide you’ll see this system ticks many boxes: More information on this project can be found here.Both initiatives require that the community be willing to buy, cook, and eat food that they typically wouldn’t.

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The video is shown at the food events and other community meetings, helping to communicate the vision of the project and solicit continued relevant feedback from the community.I joined the AIM Standing Team in 2011 while working as M&E and Food Security Advisor with Mercy Corps in Indonesia and Timor-Leste.As a member of the Standing Team I’ve had the privilege to participate in engaging and well-designed workshops in both .Here, Angela gives a little background on the complaints mechanism that DRC is using in Somalia.Piloting Accountability Systems for Humanitarian Aid in Somalia In Somalia the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is seeking to address accountability in the so as to enable meaningful beneficiary participation and strengthen the demand-side of local level governance and community-based organisations.Each event included music by a local band and at least four recipes were cooked at each by community members and shared.Mercy Corps limited its presence in order to build community ownership of the events.I know we should eat more healthy food, but the kids don’t like it.They just want to eat the regular stuff.”The sentiment is instantly relatable and one that could easily be heard in family households across the U. But it wasn’t a suburban American mother rationalizing her family’s habit of eating fattening foods.This text is payable at the normal, local rate which seems not to be a barrier to submitting an issue.The SMS is received and reviewed by a dashboard administrator, who removes any identifying information for confidentiality purposes and posts the message to the map. You can zoom in and then review complaints by location.


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