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Tell him your financial situation honestly (maybe he's pursuing you mistakenly as another cash cow! Depending on how such conversations go, you can more realistically assess whether to stay or move on.

Isadora You guys are definitely wrong for each other, because you both expect the other one to bring in the money and afford an elevated lifestyle beyond your own means!

After I talked with some friends, I went to the courthouse and reviewed Mike's public divorce file.

I just want to know if his ex will be knocking on the door for support and money and taking away from the life Mike and I will have. While I won't go into details, what I read in the file was not the Mike I know and, his wife gave him the house, the country club membership and she pays him child support. She has a successful business, is well educated and she's younger than me.

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I think I would steer clear and look for someone more honest.

I have dreams of traveling the world with Mike and being the one to share a glamorous life.

I have a feeling that Mike may want to get married and that is exciting.

On one hand, if I hadn't gone to the courthouse, I wouldn't know any of this.

And if it was the woman who was getting support, no one would question it.


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