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The Mark Taper Forum is located at the Music Center, 135 N.

A network of three, twice-weekly fairs hosted just outside of Buenos Aires, La Salada has been referred to as both South America’s biggest mall and as its biggest black market.

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Charlotte and Jonny are two college students who have been friends since they were nine years old.

“Thanks to La Salada, there is a lot more work,” said Mónica Sambad, who operates a successful clothing stall under the name “Barby Pop”. “This is more the people who have fewer resources, for the middle class,” said Hernán, a security guard who refused to give his last name.

Referred to as the “Queen of La Salada”, Sambad has become a favourite of the Argentine media, attracting coverage as much for her conspicuous plastic surgery – swelling chest, puffy lips, flat-ironed platinum hair – as for the clothing she designs and sells. from interior provinces and neighbouring countries like Uruguay and Paraguay.

But walking around the market, knock-off merchandise is abundant.

“This is a mall for more humble people.” Trendy shirts range from 5 to 20 pesos. “There was the EU statement that talked about how this is the most illegal market in the world, but those guys wear a sweater that was made by a kid who is 8 to 9 or 12 in Central America, and they pay 200 dollars for it,” said Castillo.

“But people here, they cannot pay 200 dollars for a sweater.

But for the 20,000 shoppers who flood this famous raked in bn in 2009 alone, more than the .5bn earned by the country’s regular shopping centres combined, according to the government statistic agency INDEC.

Run by three worker’s collectives – Punta Mogote, Urkupiña, and Ocean – La Salada’s success is based largely on its ability to undercut standard prices on items ranging from clothing to food to DVDs.


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