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Squire precision bass dating

Having said that, the neck is thin and flat and feels very similar, frets are dressed perfectly so it sets up with really nice low action, and the tone, at least with this EVH pickup, sounds excellent. Get this one WITH the Frankenstrat pickup (9 new) for the same price, just 9. 1989 Fender HM Strat - Blackstone, (finish detail), (front), (back), (headstock), (case). RS Guitarworks - easy change to Mc Carty switching. It provides sufficient gain to drive a tube amp into clipping while adding more harmonic content.

Features include mahogany body, thin profile maple neck with rosewood fretboard, 25.5" scale, flat 12" fretboard radius, single voluem control, vintage tremolo, Alnico 5 humbucker and premium die-cast tuners. If you want it stock well drop the price considerably and swap back in the stock pickup. Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Interface, (light up knobs). This doesnt have the box or software but it will work with your current software. Super versatile Strat that despite its name, can actually go from a 50's vintage Strat tone - to an 80's hair metal tone. Modeled after a 1958 Fender pickup but with less magnetic pull and virtually no noise. Includes 3-way, push-pull tone, volume, and capacitor. The SPC is wired for both pickups; likewise the Tone control.

This TB59N is a 4-conductor and offered in the wider spacing of a Trembucker, usually to match the bridge position but, hey, this is a neck position.

Duncans Production Floor Custom produces custom spec pickups based on customer desires, anything from color, wire, spacing, output strength, etc.

He also buffed each fret which gives it a very glassy feel on string bends and rubbed the back of the neck so its as smooth as any vintage Charvel youve ever felt.

If youre not a big fan of the 1 5/8 nut, note that this one has the wider 1 11/16 and its a slender C-shape with pearl dot inlays.

Theres also a compression level LED as well as switches for Squash and Lamp/LED on the back edge. Noted for its tube-like vintage overdrive, much like a TS Tubescreamer. What really sets this pedal apart, other than tone and feel, is the buffer, aclaimed to nail this better than anyone. Blues players with the vintage-type tube amps will never turn this thing off. 2006 model but it's new and unplayed, and upgraded with a pair of Gibson SG Standard pickup as well as an EMG SPC/Mid-Boost active circuit AND a new case.

Although simple to describe, Im including this demo link for brevity. It uses a dual OP-Amp design, features Level, Tone, and Gain controls, and features a true hard-wired bypass. It won't change the tone of your amp, just make it sound bolder and more alive. This one's mint in the box with paperwork and 5. Works great in front of Master-Volume amps to kick them up a notch. Vintage design with lower vintage output, 2-cond braided wire and nickel covers. Finished in classic Alpine White, this G-400 has the look of the early 60's SG and with these upgrades you have a guitar that sounds as good as it looks.

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It's not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since '98 and I firmly believe, "if it ain't broke - don't fix it." All guitars and other gear have pictures. The real technical work, winding the coils and selecting proper wire and components, has been done for you. Holding the classic clarity, articulation, and versatility of the most common vintage PAF's, the Fat Diane offers a touch more output and a warmer grade magnet which results in a richer and warmer response that is very touch sensitive while retaining articulation or clarity, whether clean or dirty.2013 PRS "Paul's Guitar" - Brazilian, (front), (back), (headstock), (tag case).Perhaps the most stunning top Ive had on a PRS and under 7 lbs!Like most compressors it can be noisy but in a live setting its fine and very tamable via the controls. Made with the best components and other than a small piece missing from the gain knob, very nice shape. Try with your PRS and Les Paul for classic rock or blues and youll love them. This guitar was originally a Ltd Ed model with EMG's, thus it already had a battery compartment, so when we added the EMG mid boost, which requires a 9V battery, no modification to the body was necessary.This is original model Fat Boost sold new for 9 but get this one for just . Based on the discontinued (and expensive) De Layla, the Red Repeat has a cool retro look while giving you four knobs (echo, tone, time, and repeat) to tweak your tone. 2017 Kramer Baretta Special with EVH Frankenstein PU, (front), (back), (headstock), (Frank P/U). These are clean, ranging from excellent condition to never installed. The SPC is a killer unit that adds a lot of versatility.Fender discontinued this in favor of the Elite Thinline, which I also have in stock, but if you favor the traditional Tele bridge pickup assembly, this is the one.With the compound radius it plays with ease and no vintage radius string buzz. Includes deluxe case, hang tags, manual, strap with strap locks, polishing cloth, and cable.This is an affordable unit to emulate the Clapton Layla tones and offers 600ms of delay, twice that of the Boss DM or Ibanez AD units. Upgraded with a genuine EVH Frankenstein pickup or stock pickup your choice. Suhr SSH 50mm Bridge Black, Suhr SSH Plus 53mm Bridge White, Suhr SSV 50mm Bridge Nickel, Suhr SSV 53mm Bridge Nickel, (SOLD-Local 2/21) Suhr Thornbucker 50mm Neck Nickel, (SOLD-Local 2/21) Suhr Thornbucker Set 50mm Bridge/50mm Neck Nickel, 9 PRS Mc Carty Treble. It fattens up the mids which can make your tone less muddy.These reissue Barettas capture the vibe of the original 85 Baretta with a few trade offs, primarily a vintage tremolo in place of the original Floyd Rose locking trem with locking nut. It can also be used as a clean boost - just turn up the knob when you want some extra output, for leads etc.Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there's a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size. Features braided wire plus coil-split wire for use with rotary switches or push-pull pots, or just wire for standard 3-way switch. These were pro assembled and guaranteed no-hassle installation and performance. Manlius uses vintage correct NOS Plain Enamel Magnet wire, Al Ni Co magnets charged to exact specs of 1960 PAF set, and Output ratings matching specs of 1960 PAF set. This set is perfect in packing with screws and springs for 5(SOLD-Carlo 2/16).Section below see page links at the bottom of this page (hit Control and End buttons) for 1000's more pieces of gear. Older version in solid, bent-steel housing with true bypass and featuring controls for Compression, Sensitivity, Pre Gain and Post Gain. There are lots of Klon Centaur clones out there but this is likely the best, especially when you consider J Rockett was the chosen builder of the Klon reissue, the KTR. As players become more attuned to quality sound, I get more and more requests from players for clean boosts. The Fat-Boost Class A Discrete design offers up to up to 30db of Clean Boost without any change to your EQ; makes your sound Bigger, with more even-order harmonics. Both the Alnico 2 zebra set and the Alnico 4 nickel-cover set have outputs of 8.1K/8.5K with vintage braided wiring so make your pick based on cosmetics. NOS Epiphone SG Standard G-400 with Upgrades, (front), (headstock), (back), (EMG SPC), (pickups), (case).


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