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That are intimidating

Yesterday I went to a club with a 25 age restriction (I'm under 20). I'm a woman and I'm 6ft and it's my experience that a lot of people find that to be intimidating.On the way out I mentioned to someone how they just let me in and her response was "would you argue with someone taller than you? I'm quite skinny, I get called "cute" a lot, on the other hand bouncers are huge guys but I'm sure she was serious.

One of the most effective ways for a manager to prevent workplace bullying is to respect his own subordinates, thereby promoting a company culture of mutual respect.Does your stomach twist up at the thought of presenting in front of people?Do you forget everything you know and feel as though the whole audience is against you?While there are some people who command respect because of their magnetic personality, others command respect because they are intimidating and can have their way with people. are on the hunt for the top ten scary things to look out for.Effectively, when faced with a danger, we have two simple options.We can fight back, or if we don’t fancy that, we can run away.He should raise the issue with employees in a general manner even if he knows of no instances of it, and encourage team members to speak out if they become a victim of it or observe it happening.A manager might also draft company rules against workplace intimidation, although these are not likely to be effective against subtle forms of intimidation.You may experience depression, high blood pressure or substance abuse problems.You may have trouble sleeping at night and getting up in the morning, and you may come to believe that you are to blame for the way you are treated.


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