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Tomtom one error updating

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At the moment the My Drive Connect manged to remove the map from my device as well, which I can't re-install because the updater tries to download an update which it can't download properly.I've been using my Tomtom Go 5000 with a lot of joy and happiness, not a bad word about it. I contacted Customer support a few months ago without a proper solution; After a lot of explaining, screenshots etc etc, the solution they offered was: "try it on a different computer" So I kept using the "old" software version.So far: Every single attempt failed with the "download failed" error.On the tomtom faq's site there is a topic where they say that I have to make a backup and then I can format the sdcard and at the end restore it back. Can you actually update your device easily with new maps?When it comes to Tom Tom, that's a test it has failed for me with three different units, making me want to navigate elsewhere for my GPS needs.Worse, the company seems not to care about known problems.Hello, I'm trying to update my Tom Tom one iq routes device (version, but when it gets to 'Install to hard disk' it consistently gives me 'error writing file' messages and won't continue. * Connection Status: Test1: Request Code of 200, (Success) Test2: Request Code of https://home.tomtom.com/media/suppliers/check.png: 200, (Success) Test3: Request Code of 200, (Success) Test4: Request Code of 200, (Success) Test5: Request Status of Byte Range: 206, (Success) Mod edit: Please do not post any personal information on public forum! Here is the system information: Profile folder = C:\Users\local_admin\App Data\Roaming\Tom Tom\HOME\Profiles\xezplag6.default Installation folder = C:\Program Files (x86)\Tom Tom HOME 2 Plugins folder = C:\Program Files (x86)\Tom Tom HOME 2\xul\plugins Data folder = C:\Users\local_admin\Documents\Tom Tom\HOME Version = Language = en-GB User name = -- Login status = User is logged in Server = https://home.tomtom.com/redir/ Connection settings = Direct connection to the Internet (default) Installed add-ons = Map status indicator 1.7.1, Tom Tom HOME default theme 1.0.2, Emulator 8.415.1240.1 Name = Tom Tom ONE IQ Routes Edition Device Code = AKWGNBAE5E Serial number = PSxxxx Gxxxxxx Capabilities = Arrival Sounds Bluetooth Car Symbol Caymann Documents Durham Handsfree Home Backup Internal Flash Itinerary Leeway Link Volume To Speed Map Overlays Map Share Newyork Not Automotive Embedded Plus Buddies Plus Download Dynamic Plus Download General Plus Download Map Plus Download POI Plus Download Ring Tone Plus Download Scheme Plus Download Upgrade Plus Download Voice Plus Ephemeris Plus Fixed Safety Cameras Plus Fuel Prices Plus Message Notification Plus Mobile Safety Cameras Plus Push Channel Plus Road Conditions Plus Weather RDSTMC Ringtone SDSlot Sms Received Sound Startup Image Suspend Image TTS TTSCompressed TTSLoquendo700 Traffic Voice Browser Voice Recording Warning Sounds screensize=320x240 Storage devices = Internal Memory (E:) - Active Installed Items = startupscreen/splash 1, startupscreen/splashw 1, suspendscreen/antitheft 1, suspendscreen/antitheftw 1, carsymbol/-default 1, carsymbol/Arrow Yellow 1, carsymbol/Blue Car 1, carsymbol/Class Car 1, carsymbol/Family Car 1, carsymbol/Finned Car 1, carsymbol/Grey Car 1, carsymbol/Oldtimer 1, carsymbol/Race Car 1, carsymbol/Red Car 1, carsymbol/Sports Cabrio 1, carsymbol/Sports Car 1, carsymbol/SUV 1, carsymbol/Yellow Car 1, satimage/eux 4, voice/Dansk - Brigitte 4, voice/Deutsch - Werner 4, voice/Deutsch - Lisa 4, voice/English(UK) - Tim 4, voice/English(UK) - Jane 4, voice/Español - Marta 4, voice/Français - Jacques 4, voice/Français - Catherine 4, voice/Italiano - Chiara 4, voice/Nederlands(NL) - Bram 4, voice/Nederlands(NL) - Eva 4, voice/English(Irish) - Sean 7, voice/English(Irish) - Kathy 7, voice/Nederlands(B) - Lucie 4, voice/Norsk - Liv 4, voice/Svenska - Astrid 9.3, voice/Norsk - Jorgen 4, voice/Svenska - Patrik 9.3, voice/Español - Antonio 4, voice/Dansk - Nils 4, voice/Italiano - Roberto 4, voice/Português - Joaquim 4, voice/Português - Catarina 4, voice/Suomi - Kati 9.4, voice/Suomi - Matti 9.4, voice/Nederlands(B) - Bernard 4, voice/Catalan - Maria 4, zipcode/Greatbritain Postal_Tele Atlas 801, map/United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland 825.2157, poi/Fuel Stations EU 900002, fuelprice/Fuel Stations EU 1406534400, safetycamera/Safety_Cam_UK_Premium 44098 Error incident IDs = 286733027 * Computer info: Operating system: Windows NT 6.1 (build 7601, Service Pack 1) Free memory: 1269948416 bytes User home directory: "C:\Users\local_admin\Documents\" Home volume space: 175493 / 240526 MB Temporary directory: "C:\Users\LOCAL_~1\App Data\Local\Temp\" Temp volume space: 175493 / 240526 MB Install directory: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tom Tom HOME 2\xulrunner\" Install volume space: 175493 / 240526 MB External volume devices: E: [internal] 1731 / 1958 MB OS login name: "USER ID" Host name: "SA-LT-W7-05771" Date and time: 2016-09-30 * HOME info: DLL Version: Map Share DLL Version: Language: en-GB * Connected device: "Tom Tom ONE IQ Routes Edition" ID: "AKWGN BAE5E" Type: "one2009_plus_2048" Serial: "PSxxxx Gxxxxxx" Map Share information: Patch format version: 2.4 Map patch downloads: true POI patch downloads: false Feedback email address: Patches to upload: 0 POI Subscriptions: IL #1: 'Internal Memory' 1731 free/1958 total MB Block Size 32768 Media Name 'Internal Memory' serial f0ecbbd, Writable one2009_plus_2048 Backup 'Backup 20140728 1129' @ 20140728 1129, 207 MB No backups.chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:468 xmluploadbody: this.xmluploadbody1. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:430 this._done Callbacks();2. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:277 this.request.onload = function() Time: Fri, GMTERROR: 104/#https://community.tomtom.com/payment/initiate Payment: Error from server: An error occurred while communicating with the server.SDCard Id = [string] device Capabilities = [string] Arrival Sounds Car Symbol Caymann Documents Durham HDTraffic Home Backup Internal Flash Map Overlays Newyork Newyork1Dot6 Not Automotive Embedded Plus Buddies Plus Download Dynamic Plus Download General Plus Download Map Plus Download POI Plus Download Ring Tone Plus Download Scheme Plus Download Upgrade Plus Download Voice Plus Ephemeris Plus Fixed Safety Cameras Plus Fuel Prices Plus Message Notification Plus Mobile Safety Cameras Plus Online Camera Plus Push Channel Plus Road Conditions Plus Traffic Plus Trip Reporting Plus Weather Prague RDSTMC SDSlot Startup Image Suspend Image Traffic Warning Sounds screensize=320x240device Parameters = [string] items = [string] 1300033,1300092productlist = [string] 1300033,1300092 info.method = [string] Cache = [string] Run = [string] falseinfo.xmluploadbody = [xml] Severity: 1105Stack:0.


  1. May 28, 2017. When trying to update maps on my device, I get this error. Error when contacting server Unauthorized Device TomTom XL IQ Routes with lifetime map.

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