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Trouble updating itunes on windows xp adult dating woburn massachusetts

Multiplayer games, for example, often have built-in support for voice chat, which Windows frequently misidentifies as a traditional Vo IP service.In other instances, the app in question may actually be a Vo IP service (like Skype), but the user wants to maintain the volume level of their running apps while using it.Thankfully, this potentially annoying feature can be easily disabled.To stop Windows from automatically reducing your apps’ volume, head to Control Panel and select Hardware and Sound, and then click on Sound to launch the sound configuration window.Users running media software on recent versions of Windows may have encountered a strange occurrence: the volume of their media apps — Windows Media Player, i Tunes, Plex, etc.

to Windows to be digital telephone services, resulting in the undesired reduction in volume of a user’s media apps.

While this can be incredibly frustrating, it’s not a bug.

The act of Windows automatically reducing the volume of certain applications is actually the operating system trying to help you out.

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