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Updating bios with biostar bios flasher zhang han and zhang shuang dating

It has a EVGA 560GTX installed and it is producing no video anymore.

After I applied the BIOS update, I tried to reset the cmos to apply the update and mabye the problem relates to that.

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If your BIOS is now corrupt you will be unable to reboot and try the BIOS flash again, not easily anyway.

However this doesn’t mean you will need to replace your motherboard, a lot of newer systems have special BIOS recovery procedures that can be done.

You will need to consult your motherboard manual or motherboards manufacturers’ site to get these steps.

Remember that when i plugged the cmos battery back in it came on immediately (which makes me think I might have except for it did not work! but i am not sure with these JBT things, I have literally never heard of that before. (ideas like Is there a certain port which will work better or if i get a usb to vga or serial to vga will it output video in that case or does it have to be a vga card?

Can somebody confirm if that's the only method to reset on this type of motherboard? Highlight: Any suggestions on how i can get video output since this computer turns on would be really appreciated.


  1. After rebooting the PC from a bootable DOS USB-Stick, CD or Diskette, you will see the old famous DOS-Prompt A\ on your boot screen. Insert the command dir dir = list directory at the DOS-Prompt to list all files on the drive. The following example shows the flashtool AFUDOS. EXE and the BIOS file NEWBIOS.

  2. I am working with a problematic machine and was asked to upgrade the bios by my manager, I did not want too but I was asked to - to see if it would help. Anyways, after applying a BIOS update, for my first time I am facing a non booting computer post bios and it has me freaked out. This computer does not.

  3. Oct 24, 2016. Attention DIY PC Mechanics! It's time to update that motherboard BIOS and today in the GeForce Garage we show how to get it done on virtually any motherboard using a simple USB Stick!

  4. Jun 21, 2006. Sometimes computer users update their BIOS incorrectly and cause a lot of errors. Here is how to recover from a bad BIOS update.

  5. BIOSTARメーカーサイトの情報をご参考ください。 How to use F12 key to update AMI UEFI BIOS with USB flash pen drive? 1. 製品型番に合わせて、BIOSファイルをBIOSTARのメーカーのページからダウンロードする。 2. ダウンロード.

  6. Installation instructions for BIOS update options on Intel® Desktop Boards.

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