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Updating cell phone reception

Perform a Preferred Roaming List (PRL) update on your phone.

Turn on your phone and enter "*228," then press "Send." Press "2" when prompted to perform the update.

The signal these devices emit can interfere with the signal your phone needs to receive for good reception.

Power cycle your phone if reception doesn't improve after moving away from potential obstructions.

This isn't always true, and the following will explain what you can do to ensure improved mobile coverage without waiting for a new tower to magically appear.

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To power cycle, take out your phone's battery while the device is still on.

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Once you're connected, stay within 40 feet of the device to maintain a good signal.

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Positioning Yourself for Better Reception Taking Easy Action Making Technological Changes Community Q&A Over the past 20 years, cell phone ownership has increased massively, to the point where over 90% of the world's population has cell phone coverage.

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that reception is getting better and better, and most users think there is nothing they can do to improve their cell phone reception by themselves.


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