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Updating exterior ranch style home dating emotionally abusive man

The front yard views are limited by a large heritage tree outside the kitchen window box[which becomes a framed piece of living art from the interior}] and a white-lacquered wall behind the entry door.Once inside, the window placement consisting of large expanses of glass, hidden clerestories and windows along the lower portions of the rooms invites massive amounts of indirect light.Exterior views are directed to specimen plants around the perimeter of the house and mature oaks in the distance while shielding the neighbors.A large 10'x12', 3-panel sliding glass door opens up to a covered deck off of the living room into a secluded courtyard.

The restaurant is a physical representation of Jesse’s philosophy regarding food sourcing, prep and seasonal eating.Design Hound reduced their analysis of this house down to its base elements: the facade with its associated entry, the roof, and the interior experience of the Clients.By focusing on these as elements to be stripped down, examined and then re-formulated, an interesting roof form [containing the second floor bedrooms, bathrooms, and living area without it appearing as such from the street] and front facade began to develop.Eliminating the wall between front-of-house and prep/back-of-house created a truly transparent dining and butcher shop experience.The transition to the rear of the space ramps up to the main dining area with vaulted wood ceilings and dark blue accents of wood trim and button-tufted upholstery.Most Architectural firms focus on the technical/infrastructural requirements of a quality post production office.For this project however, Design Hound noted that in addition to the technical requirements, the process of editing involved long hours for both the editors and their clients in dark, quiet rooms.A simple but elongated gable continues the language of neighboring historic roof slopes and provides double height space within the living room that is accented with a skylight, dormer and carefully placed mirrors that capture sunlight within the space.A pop-out in the dining room cantilevers over the side yard, while a second pop-out porch from the living room provides additional privacy from the apartment building next door and shelter for the family’s dog.As such, the resulting new office for TBD Post Production focuses on creating comfortable editing suites and individual offices that facilitate client interaction and solve the technical issues invisibly.Additionally, the public break area and kitchen are combined into a hospitality driven gathering space equivalent to a private club.


  1. I’ve loved each one of your house designs! I always get the same feeling when looking at your home designs; cozy and classic. Recently, My husband and I.

  2. You can become a member of this vibrant aviation community with this custom home located directly on the turf runway! The 50 x 50′ insulated, steel-frame hangar.

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