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Updating ios249 with wad manager

or newer Wii system, DO NOT use downgrade applications or anything that alters IOS files (besides what is in this guide), c IOS installers, and new IOS files from games released in 2009 and beyond.(This may cause a brick [dead Wii].) You will need to alter this guide.Instead of updating your Wii firmware, you can just use DOP-Mii to update specific channels such as the Nintendo Channel or Wii Shop Channel (which also requires an IOS61 update) without updating the Wii Sytem Menu.This will allow you to shop with the latest Wii Shop Channel without updating the Wii System Menu.To upgrade or downgrade your Wii Firmware and learn why, visit the Firmware page.If you want to get more Home Brew applications, head on over to Wii Brew Wiki. Here is a link to a gbatemp thread that has some newer versions of gensplusgx with the new gui Give one of those a try.Do step 1 and 2 (load the Wii Hacks Package and Bannerbomb onto your SD card), but alter step 2 to launch DOP-Mii (instead of the Hack Mii installer) by placing its on the root of your card.

I have both the gct and txt files in 2 locations: the sd:/codes directory and sd:/codes/r/s directory as I'm not really sure what directory it looks for exactly, so I put them in both places.

This allows the included USB Loader GX to create/run backup games on/from your USB drive.

If you are unable to get step 7 to work for you, then delete the 00000001 folder from your SD card and try again.

Works for me through wiiflow though which I don't understand.

if i could get some help, d be greatly appreciated. I decided to buy an external hard drive and followed this guide.


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