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Updating the torah

The word God suggests how Rah transmits information on the G (gamma rays) on the D(4 band in the Gamma ray is invisible Purple ray…so what?When god contacted the people of Israel telepathically (‘and they saw the voices’ is how the torah describes it) god called them Am Segula which was mistranslated as ‘special people’ but…it literally means Purple-people.‘All the world is a stage and all the man and woman are merely players’ Shakespeare Pretty good guess…In the Beginning, 14 billion years ago, a light entity with body and image, a head light entity among many light entities, who have been around for 310 billion years (unbelievable numbers) decided to create matter from light.NTR also means Guardians in Hebrew and Na Tu Re in English.It is fair to conclude that the gods are our guardians and that NTR or Nature created everything…It’s all in the numbers and letters but no one noticed because our experts look at a word as the smallest unit in language.

17 years ago I collected well over 3000 examples of English with Hebrew meanings and then stopped counting (my Hebrew is very limited, left Israel 55 years ago at the age of 15).

Then 2 light entities devised a creation method, they called ‘imperfect mirroring’, it caused for a special big bang where anti matter didn’t destroy all matter, the leftover created the universe. By the Numbers: The creator of matter used his secret number 5 to create 5 boson field particles. Earth was created 4.6 billion years ago (Tho is 46) life was created 4 billion years ago because the value of the letter Tho is 400. (many more facts about Tho are presented later in this articles) If you think this is just mambo jumbo, play with numbers and words, Abra-cadabra…you must believe I am a genius and magician with words and numbers…as you read this it will be clear that when it comes to writing I am no kind of genius.

The head god name On, or One (whose secret number 5) which is represented by The Hebrew letter Noun with the numerical value of 50, 500. Tho the scribe god was asked to create proto language, a programming language. (please note that though Tho is the last Hebrew letter its value is lower than Noun the 14(5) Hebrew letter). The value of the word ELOHIM which means God-Ocean (moon god Tho controls oceans) is 86. By the way Abra Cadabra means happened-as spoken and not gibberish which is how the dictionary defines it. The word He-br-ew and Bar meaning create have the same consonants, Same meaning. It started with few very intense encounters so as to make sure I know how ‘real’ it was but those encounters happened in my head.

Not surprisingly the creator gods are represented by the numbers 1on.

23 Thorah they are also represented by the letters NTR which happens to be the name of the Egyptian creator gods.


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