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Validating textbox in gridview 1 on 1 sex cam chat site

Even the paging is not working once click on a different page number after the initial load of the data. thanks Hi Srinivas, As I already wrote in the previous post, the data inside the Data Item Teplate is not saved, and will be lost after each round trip to the server.

I can suggest two solution to overcome this behavior:1. To learn how to accomplish this task, please see: E2313, How to update a Boolean field using the ASPx Check Box in a Data Item template 2.

I wanted to access the modified grid values.store in a temporary datatable for further processing (at server side). Srinivas We are not interested in Edit Templates and all.

A sample code snippet/documentation would be really helpful. I do not see where I suggested the Edit templates :).

when the user selects the checkbox in the grid; it should automatically populate the txt Quantity with a value of 1 (default)2.I believe that it's possible to tune up the illustrated approach, according to your requirements.Thanks, Marion Hi Marion, Thank you fro your reply.-------------------- Hello Srinivas, Thank you for the screenshot.Now, I see that the problem is mainly related to ASPx Hidden Field rather than to ASPx Grid View.Please refer to the E1318 example (How to implement the multi-edit functionality with a multi-page grid that is bound dynamically), to learn how to accomplish this task.Thanks, Marion Hi Marion, My confusion was when i perform a custom callback, the data is not displayed after roundtrip.It helped me to capture the values at the serverside. I am modifying the datatable and keeping it in session. Thanks Hi Srinivas, By design, the data inside the data template is not saved, and on each round-trip to the server will be re-filled from the data base, or lost if not bound.I want the grid to be refreshed whenever i modify the datatable. As a possible solution, you can keep the intermediate in the hidden field.To learn how to accomplish this task, please refer to the ASPx Grid View - multi-row editing (how to create calculated fields) thread.So, you can easily refer to the textbox via the client side.


  1. Dec 21, 2007. This article explains the concept of integrating Validation Controls with the GridView control dynamically at run-time. Label control binded to its corresponding column name. And EditItemTemplate section will have a TextBox control which is also binded to its corresponding column name.

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