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Müller-Wodarg pointed out in his email that previous atmospheric models relied on equatorial data from the Pioneer Venus mission, which led to incorrect uniformity modeling of the atmosphere.NASA is mulling several missions as part of its Discovery program, one of which, VERITAS, will map the entire surface of the planet, and could tell us more about the geology of the poles.Müller-Wodarg added that there may be some relation between the choppy gravity waves (which are a separate phenomenon from the much-heralded LIGO study) and geologic activity on the ground near the poles, but it would require further investigation to determine that.“We can make observations from the ground (and these are continuously being done) but the real motivation would be to launch a new spacecraft to Venus over the coming decade which could explore the polar atmosphere in-situ,” Müller-Wodarg said.

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Many of the observations were made through plunging the craft into the atmosphere above the poles, where the probe encountered an atmosphere thinner than previously modeled, and filled with choppy atmospheric gravity waves, ripples caused by transfers of momentum between layers in the atmosphere.

“Concerning uniformity — models are mostly rather smooth while the reality is much more complex and structured,” ESA scientist and lead author Ingo Müller-Wodarg of Imperial College London said in an email to .


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