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Note: if you do not see Stereo Mix, right click in a white area and make sure there is a check next to Show Disabled Devices.3) Click on playback and make sure your speakers or headset is selected. 1) Sign into your Google account or go directly to https://plus.google.com/hangouts.2) Click on Hangouts On Air at the top.3) Click on Start a Hangout On Air.4) Insert the longtail keyword you are targeting and the phone number in the title which is the first text box.5) Insert the description for the video in the next box.

Click on https://web1.wistia.com/medias/xxn59lj64u for the demonstration. Make sure it is at least 300 words and has your keywords in it, One keyword for every 100 words. ie #keyword6) Click Share.7) Click Start in the next screen after the hangout has been created.

Once you press Play you'll see the video playing in your sidebar. You'll see a note on the bottom of your screen that says, "While video injection is running, your webcam and microphone signals will not be transmitted to your attendees.

However, you may still interact with other presenters at any time." If you wish, you can end the video early by clicking the red "Exit Video and Go Back on the Air" button (Marked #3 Below).

Now we are ready to set up the video to play in Google Hangouts.1) Go to your Google Hangout screen and open the video you want to show.2) Click on the screenshare icon in the left hand corner (it is a green rectangle box with an arrow pointing to the right)3) Share your screen box will open up and you should see your video and click share.

Note: Make sure your video is in full screen.4) When everything is ready click on Start Broadcast and once it shows as live, play the video.5) When the video stops playing, end broadcast and click on red phone at the top of the screen.

(Read about Delay between Attendees & Presenters) Your attendees will see the video in full screen and will hear it as intended.

Click on https://web1.wistia.com/medias/jchy9g5bnu for the demonstration. Wait up to 10 minutes for the video to show up in your channel on Youtube.

Finally, we are going to further optimize the video and make it public.

To test to make sure there is sound coming out of your speakers, play sound and it should show the meter going up and down.2) Find Stereo Mix in the list and make sure it is enabled.

There should be a green circle with a white check in it.


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