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White label dating fake profiles

At the same time, customers were increasingly accessing sites via mobile devices, making the need for mobile web engagement particularly salient. The ability to engage the user on a mobile device has become absolutely essential.

Intercom is the appropriate tool and the appropriate engine that helps us survive in this new world,” says Harry.

After a two-week trial, they rolled out Intercom across all 25,000 dating sites incorporating more precise and tactful messages during key moments throughout the customer lifecycle.

Everything from age, gender, location, membership level, and visit frequency inform the content, timing, and audience of their in-app messages.

“We had robust email campaigns operating throughout the customer lifecycle,” recalls Harry Lloyd, Head of Customer Engagement.

Though inevitably, White Label Dating came up against a number of challenges including growing customer opt-out, deliverability issues, and getting lost in a customer's inbox.

For lapsed customers, Intercom in-app messages prove especially powerful.

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In only a few months, in-app messages have proven to be staggeringly effective, getting registered users to upgrade 14x better than email.

“I don't think we really even scratched the surface with Intercom, truth be told.

There are lots of elements to the Intercom system that we're not taking advantage of.

With 33% of all membership upgrades driven by promotions, these campaigns are a significant source of revenue for White Label Dating.

Promotional campaigns target a number of segments including: newly registered users and lapsed customers who churned or downgraded their membership, but still occasionally check in and browse the site.



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