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Who is bobby valentino dating

Today singer Bobby Valentino is the latest to be caught up. They be on all the most scandalous gossip out here in these streets.” When Porsha said she did not know what they were talking about, her costars asked “Le Sean Mc Coy! The person posted one close-up picture of himself with Bobby V, and then one picture with Kenya Moore with an empty seat next to her.” Porsha, coughing, laughing, and turning around, said “you gonna just gonna blast like that? So is the new African Prince in hiding, or was he revealed in the Seventh Inning Twitpic Stretch?

A year ago this time, Porsha Williams was in the Cowboys’ box seat during the start of the NFL season.

The video is causing people to believe that Bobby V. If Bobby didn’t want this information to leak he should have paid his debts.

The following tweet calls black people out for the way in which they’re handling this situation.

I felt she wanted to tell us something so I reached out to her to find out what was going on between them.

Juliet said they’ve known each other for months and are seeing each other.


  1. According to LIB, Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim is dating US singer. Newly single beautiful actress Juliet Ibrahim shared two photos of herself with US singer Bobby.

  2. Watch Bobby Valentino Slow Down video at Contactmusic. Videos. Bobby Valentino Dating Actress Juliet Ibrahim. Bobby Valentino - Knock Em Down Video.

  3. Bobby Valentino is a UK singer, songwriter and violinist, see There is an R'n'B singer with the name Bobby Wilson who stole the name for a.

  4. There have been rumors for years claiming that Bobby Valentino is dating a transgender, a claim he denied repeatedly.

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