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"Go ahead and vote your ballot however you'd like," he said. Some estimates are over million to run a special primary, but it could allow time for the process to carry out." "The Court has now spoken once again.

"Leave to the Board of Elections the legal side of whether that will be certified in congressional races." Meredith College political professor David Mc Lennan said that with the primary fast approaching, lawmakers may need to act now in case the final outcome does not go their way. The Republican districts are unconstitutional and must be redrawn immediately," North Carolina Democratic Party Chairwoman Patsy Keever said in a statement.

"On the eve of a primary, we should have had this figured out a long time ago," he said. The Governor may have to call the General Assembly to redraw the maps." Another possible option, Mc Lennan said, would be to move forward, but delay voting for U. "It’s time for Governor Mc Crory and legislative Republicans to quit stalling and restore integrity and basic fairness to North Carolina’s congressional elections." In addition to lawyers representing the state, the General Assembly has a separate legal team defending the districts. Supreme Court will recognize the urgency and gravity of these questions and issue a stay." North Carolina's Congressional District 12, currently represented by Greensboro Democrat Alma Adams, snakes up the Interstate 85 corridor and includes areas in Charlotte, the Triad and several cities in between.

"We are disappointed in the federal trial court’s decision because there is so much uncertainty on whether the primary election already underway can continue or whether a new primary election needs to take place – and whether votes that have already been cast can be counted," read a joint statement from Rep. Bob Rucho, R-Mecklenburg, the two lead authors of North Carolina's maps. It was one of two districts federal judges found unconstitutional on Feb. Census estimates from 2014 show the district has a population of more than 778,000.

"Our biggest hope is to ensure that the courts have a full picture of what this, practically, will do," said Josh Lawson, general counsel for the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

Even prior to redistricting by the Republican-led General Assembly in 2011 however, District 12's odd shape has been used by critics as a clear example of gerrymandering to capture certain demographics.Redrawing it could potentially impact the territories of Republicans Renee Ellmers, Walter Jones, Mark Walker, David Rouzer and George Holding, as well as Democrat David Price.With the state now appealing for an emergency stay from federal courts, elections officials are still urging voters to complete and return any outstanding absentee ballots.Democrats, and particularly black Democrats, were incredulous. "The districts were declared unconstitutional because of race."Do you understand that, by not using race, you're defeating your own purpose? If you don't use race to correct it, how are you going to show the court that they're not still unconstitutional? Smith-Ingram and others asked again: What metrics will show minority voters are treated fairly? Because what I'm hearing doesn't really add up." Hofeller will be paid ,000 for his work on the new maps, and the GOP majority has told Democrats they can also have ,000 in taxpayer money to hire their own expert.On Thursday, Lewis said he probably wouldn't say it that way if he could go back, but he was trying to show the courts that race wasn't the deciding factor in new maps – partisan politics was. What the courts have forbidden is an over-emphasis on race when it comes to drawing lines.Political gerrymanders are legal, although a Wisconsin case pending before the U. Some attention to race is typically required, though, because North Carolina must comply with parts of the federal Voting Rights Act, which is meant to protect minority voters' ability to elect candidates of their choice.Judges note that although the district has been "an extraordinarily safe district for African-American preferred candidates of choice for over twenty years," the 2011 redistricting increased its black voting age population from 47.8 percent to 52.7 percent. Butterfield is running unopposed in the March 15 primary."This quota was used to assign voters to CD 1 based on the color of their skin," Circuit Judge Roger Gregory wrote for the majority, declaring that the lines violate the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. 5, 587 people had requested absentee ballots here, but Democrat Rep. To an even greater extent than the 1st, the 12th congressional district's large reach and irregular shape means it borders nearly half of the state's districts. As of Monday, 9,860 voters had requested mail-in absentee ballots, and 668 of those have been cast. North Carolina voters are already casting ballots by mail.


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