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Who is george noory dating

She is currently the president of JZK, Inc and Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, located near the town of Yelm, Washington, and the name of Ramtha is copyrighted under JZ Knight.

She also won a court case which affirmed that she is the sole legal channeler of the entity Ramtha.

During the alleged channeling of Ramtha, JZ Knight behaves a bit differently and speaks in a deeper and stern voice.

In her teachings "Ramtha" has made several controversial statements such as that Christianity is a "backward" religion, that Jesus' parables can be explained by means of photon waves and probability, The Southern Poverty Law Center observed that "Ramtha" has made anti-semitic comments such as "“Fuck God's chosen people!

while Carl Sagan in his book The Demon-Haunted World says that "the simplest hypothesis is that Ms.Other books somewhat sympathetic to Ramtha, such as Finding Enlightenment: Ramtha's School of Ancient Wisdom by Gordon Melton, have ties to RSE in other ways.The author of Finding Enlightenment testified for Knight in Knight vs.Knight (1992–1995) against her former husband, Jeffery Knight (see below).Skeptics point to Ramtha's story as proof that he does not exist.Knight claims that Ramtha speaks of leading an army over 2.5 million strong (more than twice the estimated world population at about 30,000 BC) for 63 years, and conquering three fourths of the known world (which was allegedly going through cataclysmic geological changes).According to Knight, Ramtha led the army for 10 years until he was betrayed and almost killed.Judy Zebra "JZ" Knight (born Judith Darlene Hampton; March 16, 1946) is an American New Age teacher and author known for her purported channelling of a spiritual entity named Ramtha.Knight has appeared on US TV shows, such as Larry King, Knight grew up in poverty.Predictions made by Knight in the name of the disembodied entity have either failed to come true (e.g.predicting that a holocaust would take place in 1985, or that the USA would be involved in a major war in 1985) or the predicted scenarios are too wide to evaluate and/or have too large an error margin to be considered, which is usually the case with channelers.


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