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Wmp constantly updating media library

If the media information found is correct, but there is a generic album art image or if the media information is not found at all, you must manually set the album art.The following steps describe how to manually add or change the album art.Although not all information will always be filled in, the essential fields are as follows: The most common missing piece of media information is the album art.The album art provides a visual representation of every album in your media library and is displayed in the Expanded Tile view of your media library; it's used as well by many portable media players and digital media receivers.If this option is not possible, you must use the Advanced Tag Editor.

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To do this, complete the following steps: If you are unable to find the album information in the online database, or if your media was originally part of a mix CD, you must use one of the manual options.

The first of these is useful if you have at least one file in your library that has correct information for the album.

(Make sure Media Player is closed too) Click the stop button for each and make sure that all of the services that start with “Windows Media Player” are stopped before you continue.

Next, open up an explorer window and paste in the following path into the address bar. I’d advise moving all of these files to another directory somewhere else, but you could also delete them if you were daring enough.


  1. This post shows how to clear, reset or delete Windows Media Library files to fix Windows Media Player video, library, media problems in Windows

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