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While accessing separate sections like apps and games feels quicker, actually getting to friends still feels a little buried in this update.The friends tab has a brief overview of online avatars, but you have to navigate a step deeper to get more information. Not only does this spoil the time you set aside for gaming, it also — thanks to the Xbox One’s diverse media functionality — potentially has sidelined your entire media center.You’re now experiencing the frustration of dropping hundreds of dollars on a malfunctioning Xbox One.

Microsoft started addressing some of those performance issues with some updates earlier this year, but today’s Xbox One dashboard goes a step further.Microsoft is once again moving the guide so it’s ordered horizontally.You can switch between different sections using the Xbox controller bumpers or left thumbstick and d-pad.You’d think that Microsoft would have used the last couple years to smooth out the kinks in the Xbox One.The company has fixed plenty of bugs since the console’s release in 2013, yes, but many of the problems users have been experiencing have evolved alongside the console, which is no consolation for your malfunctioning Xbox One or Xbox One S.If you purchased your Xbox One at a local retailer, you may still want to contact Microsoft directly.If you bought your system locally, and assuming they actually did have stock, you may still need to return the entire system to get a new Kinect.If are suffering from this problem, your options are limited.Some users have reported issues during the mandatory update phase.When this occurs, the Xbox One won’t be able to access the majority of Xbox One features.Possible solutions: This could be an issue with the Xbox One, a problem with your internet connection, or even something on Microsoft’s end.


  1. Nov 22, 2013. So you just bought your Xbox One, you unpacked it and set it up, you perform the mandatory day one system update and you're greeted with the message "There was a problem with the update." Don't worry, this seems to be pretty common issue for new Xbox One owners, and Microsoft has provided a.

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