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Shaver's parents didn't respond to reporters' questions as they left the courtroom.

During his trial testimony, Brailsford described the stress that he faced in responding to the call and his split-second decision to shoot Shaver. to be charged with murder for shooting someone while on duty.

" the officer yells."I'm trying to just do what you say," Shaver says."Don't talk! " Brailsford yells."Yes sir," Shaver says, sobbing.

Brailsford then orders Shaver to crawl towards him, to which Shaver again says, "Yes, sir," as he cries.

Brailsford said he fired his rifle because he believed Shaver was grabbing a handgun in his waistband.

Brailsford told jurors that he was terrified for the safety of officers and a woman who was in the hallway. Brailsford served as a Mesa officer for about two years before he was fired for violations of departmental policy, including unsatisfactory performance. The shooting occurred as police departments across the U. became focal points of protests over deadly encounters with law enforcement.

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The shooting occurred at a hotel in the Phoenix suburb where officers responded to a report of someone pointing a gun out of a window.

The video, obtained by KPHO, shows Brailsford pointing a gun at Shaver as Shaver lies on the ground, holds his hands in the air, cries and begs the officer not to shoot.


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